Trader Vic’s Kitchen Kibitzer – Men Cooking Madly, 1950

A Mad man in the Kitchen

A Mad man in the Kitchen


Imagine this! Men cooking in the 1950s! How novel! Well, not a novel, actually, Trader Vic’s Kitchen Kibitzer for men. This is a 1952 first edition cookbook, possibly – no, certainly!, one of Trader Vic’s lesser-known books.

But we love it so much. With great Modern line-drawings by Alec Yuill-Thornton (see jacket). It’s chock full of lots of rare recipes for any male cook- from beginner (grilling in the backyard)  to medium (Deviled Chicken) – to well-done (executive-chef-quality dishes found in the chapter, Show-Off Cooking). Oysters Flambe anyone? How about Braised Lizard with Vegetables?  Just thought we’d ask.

In the Mid-Century, we almost never saw a man in the kitchen unless his name was James Beard.  Mad Men might have featured Don Draper wrestling up some eggs & toast for the kids, but, as we recall, he looked like he’d rather stick his finger in a pencil sharpener than cook. Where were Betty or Megan when he reallly reallly needed them?

This cookbook is a great little conversation starter & also a darned-good place to find  liquor-laced beverage recipes. When it cook-doubt, there’s always Gin Punch!




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