The Ultimate Book on Cats


Recently, we found one of the most coveted Cat books of all time: an antique book, written in 1889 by Harison Weir the First President of the National Cat Club.  Weir, also know as “The Father of Cat Fancy” organized the first cat show in England in 1871. Weir was also a famous artist and sought-after illustrator. In 1889, Weir wrote Our Cats and All About Them describing and illustrating the pedigree varieties of the time. This was the first cat pedigree book ever published.

Our edition, one of 120 signed copies, was an unlikley and exciting find. This landmark study and reference work about cats is absolutely fascinating. Weir throughouly discusses cats temperaments and habits, mating, feeding, variety, scoring at cat shows, folklore, and art relating to cats.  A few of the pages are shown below.




imageThis book, valued around $1,000, has already sold. Sad to see it go so quickly–but glad it’s in the hands of a cat-lover who will truly appreciate its history and importance in the cat world.

Our Cats and All About Them: Their Varieties, Habits and Management: And for Show by Harrison Weir, President of the National Cat Club, Clements & Co, 1889.


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